Scholar Policy

Sheboygan Youth USBC

Scholarship Policy

Scholarship Management:

The Sheboygan Youth USBC President and Executive Director will act as fund managers. They will have the responsibility to see that recipients scholarship monies are distributed to SMART. The fund managers will answer all questions, check scholarship availability, and assist in any discrepancies with SMART.

Scholarship Availability:

The recipients scholarship is available for up to six (6) years after his/her high school graduation. All date extensions must be taken up with SMART. All unused scholarship funds are forfeited upon expiration. Scholarships are non-transferable.

Scholarship Use:

This program allows recipients to use scholarships to finance tuition fees only while enrolled at approved educational institutions. Approved educational institutions include; accredited universities and colleges, bowling camps or bowling lessons, bowling coach seminars, business schools, technical schools, trade schools and vocational schools. SMART approves the eligibility of all courses, scholarship uses and educational institutions and all decisions are final.

Scholarship Check Requests:

Either the recipient or his/her educational institution can contact SMART to request a scholarship check or invoice payment. All requests must be in writing as a detailed letter or itemized invoice or done through the SMART website. The information must include scholarship recipients name, educational institutions name and location, course or program name, scholarship amount requested, mailing address for scholarship check, official enrollment verification and original receipts, if applicable. SMART will only release checks payable to the educational institution.

Information Change:

The fund managers require the recipient to immediately provide update information when he/she moves, changes telephone numbers or changes name.

Contact Information:

The fund manager is:

Patty Paasch

N6384 Woodland Rd

Sheboygan, WI 53083